we made it pt. ii (at Hollywood Sign)

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🐎 #DontChooseAHorseBecauseItHasACoolName (at Del Mar Fairgrounds Racetrack)

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"To master the art of manifesting what you want in life, you have to work at it. It doesn’t just happen."

Here’s to my next venture @fabricfashionshow | first show begins August 21 (at House of Designers)

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🌴✈️ (at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX))

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we made it (at Crystal Cove State Park)

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@ocartwalk: Amazing work being displayed at @marcasgallery (at Marcas Contemporary Art)

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pixels (at OC Art Walk)

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Throwback • Fresh & clean website for @realmisacampo! Developed by the @houseofdesigners team! #HouseOfDesigners #HoDAgency (at House of Designers)

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Dropping by @DAXGallery | 10:01PM #DAXGallery #OCArtWalk (at Dax Gallery)

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