Everyday be ready to perform the biggest role of your life. The next 24 hours is a privilege denied to many.


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Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people will do that, but great people will make you feel that you too, can be great.

Don’t allow the rumors, the hate, the influences effect your positive mind, effect your work ethic. The only things you should let close enough to effect anything are those that will better your life and people around you.

The first step is sacrifice by letting go of everything that negatively effects your life. I say sacrifice because you are comfortable with it. LET IT ALL GO! The people, the places, all of it. They don’t matter, and they are not helping your future.

The next is to stay Focused. Not make a list, not set a goal, not plan for next week, NOW. Tonight after you’ve read this, will you go watch TV, surf the internet for new clothes that you don’t need, gossip on the phone, or will you Stay Focused?

There are many of you who want to be somewhere in life that you feel you deserve, but there are only a few that will work hard enough to get there.

Just be willing to sacrifice the things you are comfortable with and stay focused.

Every successful person has been at the same turning point. I can’t promise you all will be there, but I can promise you that you have what it takes in you

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If you were given the opportunity to create something great, something that would change your life and others in a positive way. Would you work so hard that you could look yourself in the mirror and say you gave everything you had?

I always hear the negatives about the lack of sleep and overworking myself on a consistent basis. But the only thing I see is the road ahead and what needs to be done to keep on moving forward. #FabricFashionShow #FabricNetwork #io

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Waste-less with the fam #DaxGallery #OCArtWalk #ThinkTOMA (at Dax Gallery)

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4 days left until we kickoff round 6 @formulad

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In the works with this monster @FabricFashionShow #FabricFashionShow #FFSSwim

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Workflow 😎 @blackflyseyewear (at House of Designers)

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Workflow 😎 @houseofflys (at House of Designers)

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Throwback w: @josef.michael @steezy_jay #WhatAmIDoing

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